Warpaints: Kings of War Undead Paint Set

SKU: AP-WP8016

An Army of the Undead is a truly terrifying sight. Many armies do not even wait to recieve the charge - they drop their weapons and run. The vision they see is an army of once proud and great warriors, now little more than corpses controlled by foul necromancy, goaded into battle by their Lords and Champions. Their lines of infantry are little more than a mass of rot and decay, their cavalry take to the field atop skeletal steeds and their war machines fling baleful fire and snsorcelled skulls.

The Undead paint set has a colour palette that has been designed to enable you to paint any type of undead army, including their shambling infantry and war machines.

  • AP-WP1108 Necrotic Flesh
  • AP-WP1116 Deep Blue
  • AP-WP1105 Dragon Red
  • AP-WP1125 Skeleton bone
  • AP-WP1203 Brainmatter beige
  • AP-WP1119 Wolf Grey
  • AP-WP1430 Hardened Carapace
  • AP-WP1407 Castle Grey
  • AP-WP1417 Drake Tooth
  • AP-WP1479 Dry Rust

We recommend you supplement the Undead paint set with the Warpaints Starter Paint set for all the essential colours, like black, white, etc.