Warpaints: Kings of War Ogres Paint Set

SKU: AP-WP8017

The Ogres of Mantica are a tough breed, hailing from the harsh climate of the Mammoth Steppe in the north. This realm of tough grassland and icy plateaus is far from hospitable and a hard life awaits any humans foolhardy enough to settle there. The Ogres are proud to call this land home, for it has forged their destiny; it is surely no coincidence that the warriors of the Steppe are among the most highly-regarded fighters in Mantica. Despite their rough-and-ready appearance, Ogres are not mere monsters. They are canny fighters and shrewd negotiators, plying their trade as mercenaries the world over.

The Ogre paint set has a colour palette that has been designed to enable you to paint any type of Ogre army. including their fur and bone armour and rough weaponry.

  • AP-WP1131 Gun Metal
  • AP-WP1136 Quickshade Dark Tone Wash
  • AP-WP1122 Fur Brown
  • AP-WP1127 Tanned Flesh
  • AP-WP1125 Skeleton Bone
  • AP-WP1226 Necromancer Cloak
  • AP-WP1440 Mummy Robes
  • AP-WP1124 Oak Brown
  • AP-WP1479 Dry Rust
  • AP-WP1407 Castle Grey

We recommend you supplement the Ogre paint set with the Warpaints Starter Paint set for all the essential colours, like black, white, etc.