Warpaints Guildball Paint Set

SKU: AP-WP8024

So you think you have what it takes to make something of yourself in the Empire of Free Cities, eh Rookie? Heh, You've got a lot to learn then... Take your first steps on the road to greatness by licking your team into shape and getting match-ready with these 16 specially selected paints, specially selected to bring out the best from the Brewers and Masons!


  • 1x Match Tan Paint
  • 1x Shadow Like Paint
  • 1x Goal Line White Paint
  • 1x Veteran's Plate Paint
  • 1x Granite Grey Paint
  • 1x Raedlander Red Paint
  • 1x Pigskin Brown Paint
  • 1x Old Boots Paint
  • 1x True Grit Paint
  • 1x Skaldic Black Paint
  • 1x Trophy Silver Paint
  • 1x Mason Blue Paint
  • 1x Mald Blonde Paint
  • 1x Castellyain Tan Paint
  • 1x Old Jake's Paint
  • 1x First Lady Paint